Our beloved Congregation,


We pray that this message finds you and your families well during these blessed days of the Great Lent.


The Church has begun working on the Master Site Plan for our new property at 555 Steeles, in line with the Strategic Plan we communicated earlier this year. This is the first of many steps, with the goal of building a new church capable of serving the needs of our growing congregation, the community, and the generations to come. In parallel, we are in the final approval stages with the Town of Milton to commence work on our 5000 sq ft Multi-Purpose Hall, providing our youth an area to enjoy various sports, while also serving as a meeting space for community events.


On this note, we want to take this opportunity to thank you for your love and support in facilitating these key projects.


There is no doubt that much work remains ahead of us as we plan for the design and construction of our new church.   However, prior to embarking on these next phases, it is absolutely critical that we ensure the Church’s operational expenses are fully sustained.   This not only ensures the financial well-being of the Church, but also allows us to properly plan for the future.   To that end, we hope that every family can help play a role in this.


On a monthly basis, the Church spends an average of $65,000 to sustain its operations on such things as mortgages, utilities, and property taxes, as well as the needs of the service.   And so, at the start of Lent, we launched the Direct Deposit Campaign, inviting each family to contribute a nominal monthly contribution.


Our goal is to reach the $65,000 mark before the start of Holy Week on April 21st. And while we are still at the halfway mark, we know and trust wholeheartedly in God’s generous blessings, and the support of you, the beloved congregation of SGSA.   Our fundraising volunteers will be available after the weekend liturgies to answer any questions, and provide you with the necessary forms to complete.   Very soon, you will also have the option of downloading the direct deposit form directly from the Church’s website, and dropping it off outside the Accounting office at your own convenience.


Thank you, and may God bless you and reward you all for your ongoing love and support.